What is a Bong and How Does a Bong Work?

What is a Bong and How Does a Bong Work?

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A bong is a smoking device most commonly used for smoking cannabis, tobacco or other herbal substances. Bongs for sale are most often made with glass stems which allow the smoke to pass through water before being inhaled by you.

Bongs are designed so that the smoke must travel through several chambers (often called ‘keels’) of filtration before it reaches your mouth and lungs. The first chamber is usually packed with small perforated holes that act as a screen; this allows large particles which would otherwise block up the bong into this first keel where they can be removed more easily. The next keel contains another screen (or two), filled with more perforations, these make the perfect place to catch ash building up in the bong. The final keel is usually just filled with water, allowing each particle of smoke to cool and dissolve into this before reaching your mouth.

Bongs are popular because they filter the smoke through water which makes it much smoother to inhale than dry plant matter alone (where the smoke has not passed through any liquid), exciting cannabinoids like THC less (making for a less intense hit) but still picking up both CBD and CBN; two other beneficial substances contained in cannabis plants.

Bongs come in many different shapes and sizes, all offering their own advantages. Some very small bongs exist (and look like novelty funnels!) which can be easily carried around without raising too much suspicion, while some ‘tree’ style bongs are the height of bong design, with many arms branching out from a central stem.

Bongs can be made out of pretty much anything – some more exotic materials include coconut shells and apple skins! Some plastic bongs even exist which offer a safer alternative to glass. The most popular material for bongs is still clearly glass however, as this provides the best filtration and is easiest to keep clean.

I hope that helped explain just what a bong is and how it works! Bongs remain my personal favourite method of smoking cannabis for these reasons; they filter the smoke very well through water (making them smoother to hit than dry plant matter) and pack more punch than joints due to their efficient filtering process; All while looking very cool and producing very little smell! If you’re interested in learning more about bongs go visit www.smokeglassinc.com, they have a great range of bongs including some truly beautiful glass pieces that would look fantastic on display in any home!

They are not the same thing though. Glass is a solid, weed is a plant matter…it’s important to understand this distinction before you spout things like “smoother” smoke because it isn’t true. Other common materials for bongs that aren’t glass are ceramic and plastic, both of which have their own distinct advantages over glass much like fiberglass would. Glass does filter better than other options though, but I still think smoking something through anything will eventually irritate your throat/lungs and cause problems if you abuse it enough (not saying you’re abusing weed). Marijuana is extremely beneficial to mankind as medicine and should be treated with proper respect.

Not really, glass is usually only used in bongs. On another note, I have heard weed tastes better through a glass pipe 🙂

It is also important to know that the article is misleading when it says weed has cannabinoids like THC and CBD when in fact they are found only in the flower of the plant, not in the leaves. It is true that all parts of the plant have different benefits but this isn’t mentioned here. Again misinformation at its finest. Delete

The size(length) of a bong generally determines how many keels or percolators there will be; The more keels on your bong means more filtration which means less tar build up (which takes places where large amounts of tar are produced, i.e. the smoke chamber at the top of the bong). The more percolators you have on your bong, generally speaking with an increase in length also meaning an increase in weight! Bongs can be made out of just about anything-as Danny said sources include coconut shells and apple skins!