3 Exercise Equipment Must-Haves

3 Exercise Equipment Must-Haves

Although you can exercise and reach the fitness goals you set for yourself without the aid of equipment and machines, there are some items that are worth an investment. Weight lifting belts in Fort Worth TX, for example, provide back support while training. They are known to prevent back soreness that can keep you from your gym sessions longer than necessary. The best weight lifting belt will feel snug but not get in the way of your movements.

Here are three more exercise equipment must-haves.

Exercise Mat

The most popular exercise mat is probably the yoga mat. Yoga mats offer support for those who practice yoga, Pilates or other floor workouts. Instead of sitting on a bare ground, your knees, hands and elbows have some cushion to rest against. If you do not practice yoga, but are interested in padding for push-ups and sit-ups, sturdier and larger mats are available, too. These mats can be placed under equipment to protect the floors and provide comfortable cushioning for sitting, laying and standing exercises.


Increasing muscle mass can be accomplished through a series of body weight exercises like push-up variations. Weights, namely free weights, add an additional element in the quest for a leaner body. A good set will include an array of sizes. For the purpose of saving space, you may consider adjustable free weights that allow you to take down or up the heaviness. This fitness equipment helps challenge you when you complete arm curls, overhead presses and weighted rows.


A bench can serve many fitness purposes. You can step-up and step-down with or without free weights for lean and toned legs. You can lay on it instead of the floor when completing weighted arm exercises. Plus, being off the floor allows for a wider arm range during overhead bent elbow presses. During arm curls, placing a knee on the bench offers additional support and increases the likelihood of better form. If you opt for a sturdier and adjustable bench, you can complete plyometric exercises like hoping on and off. Benches with an incline lessen the likelihood of injury during chest presses.

How you exercise is a personal choice. The workouts you complete should be the ones that challenge and help you achieve your goals with or without equipment. Some fitness equipment including a mat, bench and free weights are considered to be must-haves.