Meals on a budget when traveling!

Meals on a budget when traveling!

Travelling can be expensive, especially concerning plane tickets, accommodation, food, activities, etc. One way to cut costs is to have cheaper meals when traveling. Ensure you have a place to cook or book self-catering rooms. Learning about cheap travel food in an area is an important first step. Then, consider using agents or websites like Pollen Trips to help book the perfect accommodation. Research or ask other travelers about their experience to gain some great traveling tips.

Which cheap ingredients are found all over the world?

When wanting a cheap meal, it is important to use more inexpensive ingredients. The ingredients and the prices thereof will generally differ all over the world. However, these ingredients are the cheapest worldwide: tinned tomatoes, tinned tuna, eggs, bread, dried or canned pulses, onions, and root vegetables like potatoes and carrots. In addition, pasta is usually very affordable, specifically penne or spaghetti. Moreover, soy sauce, rice, couscous, and coconut milk. Lastly, instant noodles are a staple filling and have made the list of cheap foods.

Six cheap travel meals one can make for under $3:

1.  Shakshuka

This dish is also known as baked eggs. It is an easy dish to make and consists of a tomato base sauce with spices, and the eggs are cooked in the sauce. Not only healthy, but the protein will keep one full for tourist activities.

2.  Pasta with vegetables

The dish uses pasta as a staple to keep one full and give one energy for a long time. Mix some cooked vegetables into the pasta after that. Putting in some type of sauce is a good idea as well.

3.  Stir fry

Stirfry is a great, healthy meal that can be served with noodles, or some prefer it with rice. Simply fry up some cheap vegetables from the local shop or market in soy sauce and add them to your chosen starch.

4.  Omelet or scrambled egg

Most people know how to cook an egg, so turn it into an omelet or scrambled egg mixture. Next, add some ingredients from the local market, such as peppers or mushrooms. Remember that you are hungrier the more eggs you add. This quick, easy, filling meal will not cost much but taste very good.

5.  Toasted sandwiches

Toasted sandwiches can have a variety of fillings and are quick and easy to make. Whether one simply wants to add cheese or some tuna mayonnaise, it is a great meal to bring a feeling of comfort with that warm toasted bread.

6.  Curries

These are great options to make as one can merely throw whatever ingredients they find into a pot, add some spice, and let it cook. Whether making a curry with vegetables, or even potatoes, this dish will keep one full and satisfied. Serve it with some rice once finished.

There are many different options for cheaper meals out there. Remember to budget for your trip and use the resources around you wisely, as this can also help you cut some costs!