Best food delivery companies in the world

Best food delivery companies in the world

Millennia’s have, over the years, opted for food delivery services, mainly due to the convenience they offer, including delivering a client’s favourite food right at the comfort of their homes. The increase in internets’ penetration has also led to the high adoption of online food delivery companies. Other factors that have led to more people opting to purchase food through the internet include the simplification of online payments systems over the years and the easy access of smartphones. With so many food delivery companies, it is essential to be cautious and only order from reputable companies. This will make sure you get quality food and excellent service. Online reviews such as will help you with a list of healthy food manufacturing companies UK reviews that you can use to select reliable food delivery companies. Avoid the negatively reviewed companies. This article goes through some of the best food delivery companies in the world.


Founded in 2013 and Based in London, Deliveroo is an online food delivery company with operations across 200 locations in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Kuwait, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico. The delivery fee charged by Deliveroo depends on the location and the specific restaurant.

Just Eat

Established in 2001 in London, UK, Just Eat has grown over the years to be one of the major food delivery companies globally with some of the best food delivery apps. Just Eat makes it possible for its clients to order food, search for local takeaway restaurants, pay online and review the restaurants. It also gives the option to either get delivery at a fee or a client can pick the food by themselves. There are over 82,000 Just Eat restaurants in 13 countries globally, and over 170 million orders made on the Just eat app by is over 22 million clients.

Uber Eats

Launched in 2014 by the American ride-hailing giant Uber, Uber Eats is an internet-based food delivery and ordering service. It permits clients to order and browse from local participating restaurants either through its website or app. Currently, Uber Eats offers online food delivery and ordering service in more than 25 countries and for about 130,000  restaurants globally, making it one of the biggest food delivery companies internationally.


Based in America, Postmates provides local deliveries of meals prepared in restaurants, among other goods. It is available on Android and iOS. Its delivery service fee is based on a merchant based classification system where partner merchants have the lowest rates, and all other merchants have slightly higher rates,


Another great food delivery company globally, goPuff, is a food delivery app that operates in more than 200 locations in the US. Founded in 2013, the company allows its user to order what they need online through its app and delivers to the item. It is available on Android and iOS. goPuff has warehouses in which it stocks a majority of the products it delivers, including foods, pet supplies and medication.


This is an online food delivery and ordering platform linking diners with restaurants available locally. It can be accessed via Android and iOS and has varying delivery fees set by the specific restaurant. This food delivery and ordering platform had about 115,000 associated restaurants and 19.9 million active users with multiple subsidiaries such as Seamless,  Bite Grabber,  Eat24,  Tapingo and LevelUp.


This food delivery company delivers food from around 250 restaurant brand in the US, providing services to around 100 million users. OLO also offers secure, reliable and fast digital ordering solutions that flawlessly sync with restaurants’ operations in various locations. The company has an administrative dashboard that offers valuable behavioural and purchases data to takeaway companies, helping them better control their daily activities and have good visibility. “Skip the Line” is the company’s tagline echoing OLO’s services, including paying and ordering for food online, thus eradicating the need to stand in a line.


Delivering food from more than 28,000 restaurants, this is one of the largest takeaway food delivery companies in the US. It has a food delivery platform offering real-time information regarding the availability of food in a restaurant. It saves a client’s previous orders, which makes the process of repeat ordering easy. It is also possible for clients to filter their search by food type, location and cuisine, thus helping clients to get their perfect food and takeaway restaurant with much ease. Snapfinger also has developed ordering food application for various restaurants, including Outback.

In conclusion, without the proper information, it may be hard to locate reputable food delivery companies. This article offers some of the best food delivery companies globally, which you can use irrespective of your location.