Discover the Egyptian secret to beauty brands

Discover the Egyptian secret to beauty brands

When people talk about Cleopatra, they often focus on how beautiful she was supposed to be. But how did Cleopatra stay beautiful? In Ancient Egypt, over 5,000 years ago, Egyptians used apothecary jars to preserve special oils and creams that Cleopatra used in her daily care. These jars were made of violet glass because the Egyptians discovered it prevented the rapid decomposition of organic products. Nowadays, companies that sell skin care products and cosmetics often take advantage of cosmetic jars wholesale to buy containers made with violet glass so that their products keep their chemical properties longer. Your skin cream will not lose its effects in the short or medium term. The best part is that these products no longer require preservatives. People who are allergic to preservatives can now enjoy these preservative-free products.

Cleopatra’s secret

In Ancient Egypt, they knew that the oils they used were more powerful if they were 100% natural. Back then, they didn’t have preservatives like we do today, so they discovered an effective way to preserve natural products and prevent them from decomposing quickly. By using colored crystals, they filtered the light that enters the glass containers. Over time, the Egyptians discovered that the color violet offered the best protection. To understand how this protection works, you know that light is divided into different wavelengths. There are visible wavelengths (the ones that allow us to see things) and ultraviolet and infrared light. When the glass is violet, only the infrared and ultraviolet light gets through, preventing the light from accelerating the decomposition of the oils. In other words, the products stay fresh longer, without losing their physical properties.

Science backs it up

For many years, companies thought using preservatives was the best option for their cosmetic products to have a longer shelf life. When the effectiveness of crystal violet in protecting organic products was analyzed, companies bought packaging made of violet glass. After several investigations, Professor Hugo Niggli discovered that violet glass not only blocks harmful light rays but also that the ultraviolet light that gets through the glass can energize the molecular structure of organic products. In simpler terms, your skin cream will last for many weeks as it did on the first day because its molecular structure does not deteriorate. Thanks to this, companies stopped using preservatives and now produce more natural products. This trend is growing as more and more people are discovering the advantages of buying products packaged in violet glass.