Non-Surgical Upper Eyelid Lifting: What You Need to Know

Non-Surgical Upper Eyelid Lifting: What You Need to Know

Droopy eyelids are a regular, natural part of the aging process for most of us. Raising the eyelid is the responsibility of the tendon that connects the muscles at the lids. The muscles in our eyelids wear down as we age, causing them to droop.

Many of us suffer from droopy eyelids, particularly as we grow older and our skin loses its flexibility. It could even undermine our vision in serious conditions. In the past, getting an upper eyelid lifting meant going under the knife because surgery was the only way to fix the condition.

What is Agnes RF?

Agnes RF (radiofrequency) is a radiofrequency microneedling treatment that addresses particular problem areas. The depth of the needle is custom-designed to target specific areas of concern. It includes an insulated covering to protect other regions and the skin layers, resulting in less recovery period than standard micro needling treatments.

How Agnes RF Microneedling Works

Thank you, technology, for the Agnes RF, a fresh and groundbreaking upper eyelid lifting without surgery. A precise single/triple-needle technology sends energy to the skin or fatty tissue to create heat. This concentrated heat burns away undesirable fat and tightens the skin. A needle is inserted directly into the acne follicle, fat pad, or wrinkle. The radiofrequency equipment is used to activate the exact number of pulses required for the targeted region.

Radiofrequency has a positive and negative pole since it’s dependent on electrical conductivity. The heat created by Agnes RF originates from the skin’s resistance as the energy flows between the two poles. This results in warmth and energy transfer that stimulates the development of new collagen, which influences skin tightening.

Patients have reported firming in bags underneath the eyes, firming the skin generally (helping to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and acne), and, best of all, minimum downtime for recovering. We’ve seen incredible results in our office in various treatment areas, including marionette lines, subcutaneous fat around the jowl, the chin and neck regions of the face, eye bags, and so on — Agnes RF is groundbreaking for cosmetic dermatology.

Agnes RF for Droopy Eyelids

Eye bags could make you seem tired and old due to gravity, lack of sleep, aging, or a lifestyle decision.

AGNES could be used to fix puffy eyes by injecting radiofrequency microneedles through the outlines of the bags and releasing radio and heat frequency at a predetermined pulse length to eradicate fat cells within the bags at the appropriate depth.

Following that, a separate needle can target the drooping and wrinkled skin around the eyes for an upper eyelid lifting effect without surgery!


What to Expect During Your Treatment?

The specific therapy varies depending on whatever part of the skin’s being treated. A topical numbing lotion is usually administered before the treatment to maximize your comfort level, and the regions to be addressed are labeled and then anesthetized. Although most people do not experience this amount of redness and have mild to no discoloration within just a few hours following treatment, this therapy can cause minor pain. Patients may suffer some redness that lasts for around 24-48 hours.

For a few days, swelling and some bruising of the treated regions are typical and should be expected (up to a week). The amount of recovery and downtime required following your treatment would, of course, be determined by the size of the treatment area; the smaller the treatment region, the less downtime required.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The best results are generally visible four weeks following therapy. The effect might continue up to two years. However, for longer-lasting outcomes, we recommend repeating the procedure between 12 and 18 months.